Status: closed
Start: 12/08/2017
End: 12/31/2018


Status: closed

Token Sale

Start: 12/08/2017
End: 12/31/2018


ZMine is a mining zone in the ICO market. It has gained a lot of trust from hundreds of customers after their token was given the first position in Thailand's exchange market. ZMine operates an uncommon idea of signing up and renting graphics cards from their customers, this does not take away the ownership of the card from the customer whatsoever. The proceeds are then divided halfway between the customer and the company. ZMine's rating is between 110000 USD to 800000 USD. The company entails a passion-driven team filled with an enthusiasm which is also one of the reasons why they attract a good database of clients. ZMine currently has over 10000 cards operating in their organization. They buy back the token hence making it out of the ordinary considering that they also have a very strong network of partners which is needed for any business to gain scalability. A report has it that ZMine is enlarging its territory by planning to issue an initial coin offering (ICO) for 150 million tokens. The company's token sale is usually done twice. ZMine encourages investments from its customers. In the previous 1 year and 2 months, their graphics cards earned a profit of between 2-15%. This explains why they have gained momentum in a considerable span of time.


Name: ZMine
Symbol: ZMN
Platform: Ethereum
Market Vertical: Mining and Staking

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