posted on July 11, 2018

Haven’t seen the word “HODL” online much recently have you?

Looking at Google Trends, HODL is going out of style like a beanie baby store doused with gasoline right next to a dumpster fire.

For those who may not be inclined 

Peak HODL was right around December 2017. HODLers were HODLing hard, telling all the haters just to HODL and not FODL.

HODL mania helped produce a ton of funny memes and videos, I want to share some with you because I’m nice.

Popular rap songs about HODL:

Featured on John Oliver:

HODL even has a wikipedia article:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hodl

The memes for HODL are prolific af too. A few of my faves are illustrated below.

HODL clothing is also a thang. I bet these are filling up a lot of closet space now.

I had a theory and found substantiation in a few seconds. As the price rises, HODLers become emboldened, as the price drops, HODLers hide out like a bunch of wimps.


Not me, I’m LONG HODL baby.

So where are we at in the timeline for HODL, I’d say we are in the “Trough of disillusionment” period.

Just like a man cannot be brave unless he has fear, a man cannot truly HODL until their is real fear in the market.

For now, just HODL it.

And if you're getting antsy, HODL while you BUIDL

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