Exciting Projects Launching on EOS Soon

posted on July 31, 2018

EOS community has made significant progress since its official Mainnet launch on June 3rd, 2018. We have covered some of the EOS dApps to get excited about before. Today, we would like to cover some other projects/ideas that caught our attention on EOS:


Eva is a blockchain EOS-based competitor to ride-sharing apps, such as Uber and Lyft. Here's how Eva team describes its product: 

Eva is a cooperative whose mission is to continually develop new decentralized technologies for urban mobility. In this sense, Eva offers a platform for liaison between driver and passenger members to promote a sharing economy ecosystem. Being a cooperative, Eva democratizes the redistribution of wealth and promotes a climate of cooperation and collaboration.

According to the Everipedia article Eva offers up to 85% profitability going back to the drivers. The app is expected on the market in late 2018. As of now Eva is based in the Canadian cities of Quebec and Saguenay, but expects rapid growth from there.

New Stablecoin for EOS

A new stablecoin project called EOS Dollar (EDR) has been recently proposed by a podcaster Exploring EOS. A new stablecoin will be run via a smart contract and will pay interest. A user would send his/her EOS to this smart contract, which in turn will mint new EDR.

There's been a ton of discussion around Stablecoins. Aside from the mostly commonly used one - Tether, there are now dozens of various stablecoin projects: MakerDAO, BitUSD, Basecoin, StableUSD. There is also a Stablecoin conference coming up in a few months: 

Twitter for EOS

A lot of crypto enthusiasts have been pretty vocal about our annoyance with the centrally-run social media platforms. All of the major players have run-ins with the crypto community whether by restricting the use of blockchain-related ads, or shutting down some of the accounts. Facebook recently announced a partial reversal on their original crypto ad ban. However, a lot of damage has already been done and users are seeking other ways to socialize with their peeps and homies. As a result, multiple decentralized crypto social media platforms are spring up. 

DecenTwitter is exactly what it sounds  - a decentralized Twitter. As of now, it looks like a very rudimentary platform. Using it seems to require at least a primitive understanding of coding:

But time will tell what this project turns out to be.


One of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry, Bitfinex, is working on what it dubs ""world's first high performance decentralized exchange" - EOSFinex. This will be an offshoot of its main exchange run on EOS.io. Bitfinex gave the following reasoning behind its decision to work on the EOS platform: 

"A continuous goal of Bitfinex has been to research and sandbox the capabilities of various protocol-level technologies that meet the rigorous requirements of a high volume, blockchain-based trading platform. This vision has led us to EOS.IO, whose goal of processing tens of thousands of transactions per seconds, with minimal fees and confirmation times, is heavily aligned with our ambition."

With so many new projects launching on EOS.io and so many doing airdrops, there will be continuous demand for an exchange where all these new tokens will be listed and traded. EOSFinex will try to help solve this problem.


Another EOS based exchange being built by a team out of Korea that promises a release in the second half of 2018. Very little information is known about this project so far aside from a few Medium posts and a website with generic description. But the reality is that it tries the same problem as EOSFinex discussed above - the influx of EOS tokens will need a market for trading. Given the number of projects coming onto the market, this promises to be a rather lucrative business. The snapshot of the future platform presented to us on their website looks very promising:


Dan Larimer, creater of EOS, recently announced that he is working and is about to complete on the second life of his other two projects: Steemit and bitShares. Both of them will be relaunched on EOS platform. There are still very few details knows about the new releases. But the chatter in the cryptosphere suggests that the names might not necessarily be Steemit 2.0 and bitShares 2.0. Also, potentially "proof of unique identity" (biometrics, oracles, civic key, community verification) will be used to create better transparency among participants. 


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That's right, the next ride-sharing revolution is on its way! Stay tuned!