EOS Wall - an EOS-Based Experiment in Digital Advertising

posted on September 21, 2018

As a disclosure: this post has nothing to do with the physical Real Estate. My analogy between physical real estate and digital real estate probably sucks, but I am going with it anyway!

First rule of Real Estate investing has to be this: "buy property where noone else is yet buying and hope for explosive growth". Land-grabs are riskier, but the returns are more rewarding. You will likely make more money picking up relatively cheap real estate in less touristy coastal towns of Algeria or Montenegro than snapping up ridiculously expensive houses in Monte Carlo or Cote d'Azure.

Digital property is no different. You can buy digital real estate in prominent locations like TechCrunch or Cointelegraph for hundreds of thousands of dollars for a small banner ad and hope that it will yield good results for you. Or you can invest a lot less with an up-and-coming, lesser known digital project that promises great return potential and much better ethics and integrity standards (shameless plug: White Rabbit is one such project 😁). On a risk-return basis you may fair a lot better in the second scenario.

Ok, now that we've got the analogy out of the way, here's a perfect segue into the project called EOS Wall

What is EOS Wall?

EOS Wall is an EOS based project that let's you buy "digital real estate", or pixels on its webpage for a given amount of EOS tokens per pixel. You can add images or hyperlinks to your purchased pixels so that your property turns into an advertisement with links going back to your site. Currently only 25% of digital real estate has been purchase and it looks like this: 

The sooner you join the land-grab, the better "coastal location" you can buy on the wall AND pay less per square foot (or square pixel, in this case). Right now you can still buy waterfront property for cheap, since the project is still relative young and unknown. But when publicity increases by the time you make up your mind that condo with a beach view might already be gone!


If you were on the internet in 2005, you may recall a project called Million Dollar Homepage created by a British student Alex Tew. It was the most ingenious idea since sliced bread! Tew created a simple webpage and broke down its real estate into a canvas of 1,000 x 1,000 = 1,000,000 blank pixels. Then he offered pixels of this property for sale at $1 each. He needed to raise money for his college tuition, so his goal was $1,000,000. Buyers of this "real estate" were able to add images and hyperlinks to anything they wanted to advertise through this site. The page looked like this: 

Given the novelty of his idea and surge in publicity, the site was able to quickly sell out of inventory of 1M pixels ultimately raising over $1M to its owner (last 1,000 pixels were sold off at the Ebay auction for $38K).

What Makes EOS Wall Unique

Following great success of The Million Dollar Homage, many other knock-off sites have tried to mimic its success. Most of them failed as the novelty idea characteristic of the original site was long gone. However, EOS Wall could be another attempt at reaching MDH virality and success. And here is why: 

1. Crypto Project

Unlike all of its predecessors, this is, first and foremost, a crypto project. This brings back that feeling of uniqueness and novelty. You won't be making history by paying for a pixel ad online with a credit card anymore. But you certainly can brag to your kids about being one of the pioneers who paid for a pixel ad with crypto!

2. EOS Blockchain

EOS Wall is specifically run on EOS Blockchain. EOS is one of the most exhilarating projects out there right now. It's one of the most active and fastest blockchains on the market that already even being 4 months young far exceeds Bitcoin and Ethereum in many metrics. It demonstrated speed potential of 5,000 TPS (transactions per second) in the past with experts claiming that this is far from its limit. Ethereum averages 20 TPS and Bitcoin even less than that.     

As measured by activity, EOS appears in the top three blockchains in the market, again ahead of ETH and BTC. 

EOS community is one of the most enthusiastic in the cryptosphere. Attendance of EOS events like the upcoming London Hackathon is through the roof. 

3. Marketplace for your pixels

This is truly a unique feature that may make this project stand out from the crowd and maybe even bring it fame of the original Million Dollar Homepage. EOS Wall will soon implement a marketplace that will allow users to sell that digital real estate that they previously acquired to other users. The project already has a pixel cost inflation component incorporated in its structure. Here's how prices for pixels increase over time as the inventory is being depleted. 

But the prices in the marketplace should be independent of these costs coded into the EOS smart contract. If another user likes your EOS Wall property and wants to buy it from for 1000 EOS per pixel, they will be able to do it in the marketplace. If the project ever goes viral and the cost of pixel goes thru the roof, you may be able to make some serious money selling your pixel inventory.

4. Traction

EOS Wall is a new project and it has already started gaining traction. It's hard to compete on volume against gambling dApps and exchanges, but it's really trying hard:

5. Integration with a wallet

Right now the only way to communicate with this dApp is thru Scatter. Scatter is by far not the ideal EOS wallet out there. I spent about 30 minutes setting it up on my computer after having watched a 20 min tutorial video and still don't quite understand how it functions. What this app needs is an integration with the Lynx Wallet! That would make user experience a lot more seamless. Let's hope that this can get implemented soon. 


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