EOS Lynx and EOS Bet Intregration

posted on August 31, 2018

If you missed yesterday's announcement from the Lynx Wallet and EOS Bet teams you should stop everything you are doing and read on. This is a game-changing event that mostly went unnoticed. 

What Happened?

At the Lynx launch party last week (read all about it here), Fred Krueger talked about integration of dApps into the Lynx wallet. His conceptual idea was to create a rival to MetaMask, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. A rival on the Lynx wallet would be a lot more user-friendly, faster, cheaper and just all-in-all cooler. After all, Lynx is known to be a wallet "built for everyday use"!

 Little did we know that it was a matter of days, not weeks or even months that we would see Fred's concept materialize. 

Yesterday, Lynx and EOS Bet teams made an announcement that the first dApp has been successfully integrated into the Lynx wallet and that dApp is Dice. So now you can play EOSBet game called Dice straight from your phone using your Lynx wallet! This is a cool teaser from the team on how this works: 

I have tested it last night and let me tell you something... There is no FASTER, EASIER, CHEAPER and MORE SELF-SATISFYING way to fulfill your gambling addiction than the Lynx - EOSBet combination!

I will be creating a separate post about how this actually works soon, so STAY TUNED!

What is EOSBet?

EOSBet is a gambling app on EOS that currently runs a simple functionality dice throwing game where you win or lose your staked EOS tokens based on the outcome. It is currently listed as the top EOS dApp by daily volume. And just look at those skyrocketing growth rates!

Why Is This Integration So Important?

This announcement is not just an integration of a game into a wallet. This is much-much bigger. The team behind Lynx built an API that will allow 3rd party EOS dApps to integrate natively into the wallet's dApp browser. This will open up the gates for many more dApp integrations in the future. Thus, the dream of a mini app store that Fred talked about at the launch event begins to conceptualize. Think of the Apple App Store and how much of an impact it had on the growth of the overall iPhone-iPad-Mac-iWatch ecosystem. Now imagine similar app store solution on EOS and Lynx being at the forefront of this solution! 

That's why we are so excited about this announcement and think that it is such a big deal for the EOS ecosystem!


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