EOS Dividends Partners with EOS Lynx Wallet

posted on January 16, 2019

Our partners at EOS Dividends have launched their site only a week ago, but they are already making some serious progress! Yesterday EOS Dividend announced a collaboration and integration into one of the most popular EOS wallets on the market - the EOS Lynx wallet. Lynx claims to have created close to 20,000 new EOS active accounts and was one of the first mobile EOS wallets in the market. We have written about Lynx before here

Earn Dividends While You Sleep

EOS Dividends is a project that tracks data for the dividend-paying dApps that helps you put your EOS to use in the slow or down markets and generate passive income stream. 


In his article posted on The EOS Writer, Kurt Braget said the following about this project:

Wallets don’t show dividends earned, or potential earnings in the future. They surely don’t show how much you can earn today or even by the hour. There aren’t many materials online showing people how to stake and earn dividends in a simple way. EOS Dividends is showing you a window into which tokens give out dividends, how much, where, etc. 

What The Future Holds

Integration with more wallets and crypto exchanges is in the plans for the EOS Dividends project. Also, more data points will be added, ability to sort and filter by your favorite project. Dividend payments history will also be included soon, as well as charting capabilities. Because these data are in high demand from the Asian users, the team is planning to add multi-language support starting with Korean and Chinese languages. 

Another feature that the team is working on is ability to login with your wallet and see all of your staked tokens across multiple projects and track the exact amount of dividends received from each project. This one in particular sounds really exciting. 


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