EOS dApp Review: EOSJacks

posted on November 24, 2018

EOSJacks is a new entrant into the gambling dapp market. The project has already seen its share of volume peaks and troughs. At some point in mid-November it had the highest volume among all of the EOS dApps with 10.6M EOS changing hands in 24 hours:


...but then the volume and user base began to decline as the entire crypto market, and EOS market, in particular started to cool off. Could these metrics rise again? 


If you have been paying attention, the EOS dApp ecosystem has lately seen a rise in the number of gambling projects. This industry is becoming highly saturated with 20-30 incumbents battling for the same user base. Most projects offer similar games, features and promotions varying only ever so slightly in their offerings. 

Economists call such market structures "monopolistic competition". Such structure is neither a "perfectly competitive market" where products have little differentiation (think "bar soap"), nor "oligopoly" with its few players dictating their conditions to the buyers (think "OPEC").


In a "monopolistic competition" companies try to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack by smaller, sometimes subtle variances. In the EOS gambling world we have a couple of established players like EOSBet who enjoyed first mover's advantage to build a formidable customer base. There's also BetDice that has been running the highest volume online casino in the EOS ecosystem for a while now. Then there are a number of other new ambitious projects that try to capture the largest piece of the market by offering unique features with which they hope to attract various users.


EOSJacks is one of the newcomers to the market. Its team is based out of Hong Kong. They have close to 10 team members, half of which are devs. Its team leaders have more than 10 years of technical expertise, but no direct online casino or gambling experience. The team's main goal is to expand the EOS ecosystem and bring non-EOS players to the gambling tables. In this, they have a similar goals as EOSBet guys. 

Competing in a monopolistic competition environment isn't easy. Something about your project needs to be truly unique and appealing to the potential customers. It also needs to be hard to replicate. EOSJacks has several such unique features. 



One of the biggest advantages EOSJack has compared to the other projects is the speed and agility with which its team operates. It sticks to its roadmap and releases new updates and promos nearly on a daily basis. It's not atypical for the users to wake up one day and see a promotion like this:


 A lot of users like seeing variety in the games they play and promos they are being offered. So the more options, the better. Users also typically welcome any sort of promotions (who doesn't like getting discounts and freebies?!). 

Variety and Complexity


If you as a player or investor/speculator prefer variety in the game offerings, EOSJacks has 5 games currently in the app: Dice, Blackjack, Arena, Jackpot and Key Battle. There are a few more in the pipeline being released in the next few weeks. Also, if you are tired of simple game designs like the Dice game, these games offer a bit more of complexity. Games like Jackpot have game-theory elements that we saw in other games like Pixelmaster where a certain portion of the jackpot gets distributed to the last bidder if a timer isn't reset by a new bid. 

Here are tutorials for some of their games: 


I really like the design work behind these games. Blackjack possibly has one of the best game designs on the market that I have seen so far. 


Long-term Focus

Unlike some other rival projects, the EOSJacks team's goal is to focus on long-term results of successful business operations rather than short-term gratification and arbitrager enrichment. Strengthening of the token price JKR is not their main concern, which explains why the JKR token price is not artificially pumped.


As I think of the gambling app users, I define the following categories:

1) Gamblers - users who make regular trips to Vegas or Macau, or who like playing in online casinos. These are and should be the true customers of these EOS gambling dApps.

2) Investors - users who see an investment opportunity in projects like EOSJacks. They believe it what it stands for operationally and financially and want to benefit from its success

3) Curious bi-standers - these are customers who are amused by the new concept of EOS dapp and its tokenomics. They are willing to put in a bit of money into the project and play a little as well.

4) Speculators - people who don't necessarily care for the health of the project outside of the returns they are seeking in investing in its token. Today, as these industry is just in the development stage, this group of people probably comprises a very large part of the overall target audience.

EOSJacks team is focusing on the first two categories of users in the long term. 



This is the first time that I see the bounty concept from the ICO days implemented in an EOS dApp environment. If run the right way, bounties can be rather effective in creating awareness of the projects. EOSJacks bounty program is very detailed. By participating you can learn more about the project and even earn some JKR tokens in the process. You can review it here: 



To summarize, gambling dApp market has become highly competitive. Tens of competitors are fighting a bitter battle for a growing piece of the pie. Projects that will survive will deliver outstanding performance, attract and retain customers, adjust to market environment and focus on long-term goals, rather than short-term profitability. Only time will tell who the survivors will be, but we sure wish EOSJacks good luck in this battle. 


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