BUIDL - The Best EOS dApps To Get Excited About

posted on June 03, 2018

It's National EOS Launch Day! Here are some hot EOS dApps to get you through those cold dApp-less nights...

Karma - www.karmaapp.io

A Decentralized Application Built On EOSIO.

ONO - http://ono.chat

The world's largest free, open-source, decentralized social network for the new generation.

emanate - http://emanate.live

Music-technology platform for the blockchain era with artists, creativity and collaboration at the very center.

HireVibes - http://hirevibes.io

A decentralized jobs platform powered by crowd sourcing.

Zimbra X - http://info.zimbra.com/zimbra-x-beta

The Next Generation of the Zimbra Email and Collaboration Platform.

Chintai - http://chintai-eos.io

High Performance, Fee-less Community Owned Leasing Platform.

EOXCommerce - http://eoxlab.io

A incentive cryptocurrency E-commerce network.

Lab Ledger - http://labledger.net

Peer-to-peer platform that pays scientists to publish and review scientific papers.

Everipedia - http://everipedia.org

The next generation encyclopedia built on the EOS Blockchain.

Sense - http://sensetoken.com

The Protocol for Human Knowledge.

EOSChat - http://eoschat.io

EON is an intelligent higgh-speed blockchain operating system.

IRYO - http://iryo.io

Healthcare blockchain protocol decentralizing access to medical data.

TXT - http://txtnet.io

Decentralized advertising economy that pays the viewer.

Carmel - http://carmel.io

Decentralized Open Source Tech Education Platform.

Scatter - http://scatter-eos.com

Scatter is a Decentralized-Application Bridge for the EOS Blockchain.

Plactal - plactal.io

Next-generation mobile game advertising on the blockchain.

SFEOS - http://sfeos.io

SFEOS is a cryptocurrency both in-game and outside of the game.

Uncloak - http://uncloak.io

Next Generation Cyber Security Threat Management.

EOSfinex - http://eosfinex.com

The World's First High performance Decentralized Exchange.

EOS Gems - http://eosgems.io

A collectible Gem Game.

Billionaire Token - http://billionairetoken.com

Decentralized games on the blockchain.

Azarus - http://azarus.io

A fair, reliable and transparent platform to play and bet for tokens.

Onepay - http://one-pay.io

Decentralized POS Solutions on the EOS Blockchain.

Starteos - http://wallet.starteos.io

Smart digital wallet, support EOS mapping.

Insights Network - http://insights.network

Blockchain-Based Data Exchange.

Chaince - http://chaince.com

A Superior Blockchain Asset Trading Platform Focusing on EOS Projects.

Tokena - http://tokena.co

First EOS based Decentralized Exchange.

HorusPay - http://horuspay.io

Decentralized Global Payroll Portal that allows companies to exchange private encrypted data with international payroll vendors.

Cards & Tokens - http://cardsandtokens.com

A place where you can create, exchange and collect cards of any topic and make money in the process.

DEOS Games - http://deosgames.com

Play zero hours edge, provably fair and truly decentralized games.

Parsec Frontiers - http://parsecfrontiers.com

Next generation blockchain gaming.

EOS Bet - http://eosbet.io

The Future Decentralized Gambling.

Unico - www.unico.global

A Decenttralized Digital Collectibles.

Syara - https://seyara.io/

A Sharing economy protocol for the most advanced blockchain.

TradeStuff - www.tradestuff.com

A decentralized application that introduces efficient barter using innovative solutions.

Oracle Chain - https://oraclechain.io/

World’s first application built on an EOS ecosphere.

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